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How To Set Up an Event Committee

successful event planningSitting around with friends, glass of chards in hand, talk turns to putting on a music festival or fashion parade or dog show or some other event. It’s easy to sit and talk in your lounge room about setting up an event committee and how everyone would love to come, but putting those words into action is another story.

Successful Events Need Passionate Contributors

event committeeThe first step is to confirm who is serious about putting something together and also who has the time to contribute. Let’s face it, planning this event will take up ALL the free time of committee members, so make sure it’s something everyone is passionate about.

To be Successful, Events Need a Clear Purpose

Once it’s confirmed who and how many people want to be involved, it’s important to sort out the purpose of the event. Is it for the fun of the group? Is the purpose to raise money for charity or is this a money making event? If money is even going to pass by the committee’s nose, it’s important to set up a bank account for the exclusive use of the event and ensure any money exchanged needs at least two signatures. It may mean transactions take longer, but it assures members that there will be no questions about where the money went.

Planning is the First Step to a Successful Event


Next, sit down and start planning the event. Actually take the time to write down the goals and objectives of the committee and of the event. Get on paper a general outline or plan of the event and everything that can possibly be considered.

Assign Tasks According to Committee Member’s Skills

It’s now time to start assigning tasks. Break down the event into sections; fundraising, promotion and advertising, council regulations and laws, stallholders, operation of the event, budgeting, grant and funding applications, accounting and insurance.

Give committee members tasks that suit their skills and abilities and make sure they are given tasks that they are interested in. People are more likely to get through the boring details if they are interested in the topic at hand.

Just a note on assigning a ‘President’. This isn’t always necessary. But a mediator or someone who can be called on to make the big decisions when members are locked will be needed. It’s important to also have a spokesperson. Try and make it the committee member that is best at dealing with the media and preferably one that has some experience.

event checklistSuccessful Events Require Lots of Persistence, Planning and Practice

Successful events depend on clear direction, a passionate team and a good premise. Don’t expect too much the first time you hold the event. Keep good records and make sure you remember to check your objectives and goals to ensure you stay on track.

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