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Corporate Party Themes – Company Party Ideas

Adding a party theme to a company event is a great way to enhance a party. The following are some corporate event themes to consider.

Add to the festivities of a corporate event or party by giving it a theme. Just imagine the CEO on a mechanical bull or the office manager playing limbo. How about some wanted posters of the corporation’s top executives? These are just some of the fun ideas that can be had with a corporate theme party.

Themes for Corporate Parties

Celebrate the brisk weather of winter with a Winter Wonderland theme. Snowflake invitations can be sent out either by mail or e-mail. White and silver work great for a color scheme. Decorations can include white string lights, snowflake ornaments, and white or silver candles.

A hot buffet or sit down dinner goes well with this theme. Be sure to include some hot drinks such as eggnog with rum, hot chocolate with peppermint Schnapps and Hot Apple Pie, which is made with hot apple cider and 1 1/2 ounces of Tuaca. Don’t forget to include some Winter Music and Songs for background music.

Prefer something warmer? A Night in the Tropics theme can encompass Hawaii or the Bahamas and the Caribbean. A palm tree or beach scene make for a nice invitation. Decorations can consist of palm trees, shells and flowers. Tiki statues work well for table centerpieces.

Tropical food should be served including lots of fresh fruit. Piña Coladas and Mai Tais are great cocktails for this type of corporate theme party. Music ideas embrace Hawaiian, reggae and calypso selections. Let employees shed their inhibitions with a fun game of limbo.

Corporate Event Ideas

Get those cities slickers out of the office and ready for a wild night with a Country Western theme party. Try a cowboy hat or horseshoe for the invitation. Use bales of hay and wanted posters of company executives for decorations.

Set up a barbecue buffet including chicken, ribs, ranch style beans, salad, and cornbread. Red and white checkered tablecloths can adorn the tables. Entertainment can consist of country line dancing. For some real fun, rent a mechanical bull.

Interested in something more glamorous? Roll out the red carpet, literally, with a Hollywood Glamour theme party. Stars or movie cameras can be the background of the invitations. Decorations can feature posters of Oscar-winning movie stars.

Place Oscar statues as centerpieces. Keep food and beverages bright and colorful. As part of the entertainment, hand out Academy Awards in various categories such as Most Dramatic Employee, Best Excuse Maker, Biggest Office Gossiper, etc. To add to the fun, hire a celebrity impersonator as the party host. Music can be comprised of movie theme songs.

Corporate Party Themes

Trade in the corporate life for a wild night with a Vegas Casino Night. Invitations can be in the form of playing cards. Set up blackjack, poker, and roulette tables. Give each attendee a preset amount of play money when they arrive. Have prizes available to people who win the most money. If the company works with a charity, set aside one table where people buy in with real money with all proceeds going to that charity.

As people will be playing, have servers visit the tables with finger foods. At the same time, have a hot and cold buffet available throughout the party. Decorations can include logos of famous Las Vegas casinos. Keep the music upbeat and fun.

Go retro with a Disco Fever theme party. A disco ball is a must! In fact, it also works well as the background for invitations. Be sure there is lots of dancing space available. When decorating don’t forget to include a poster of Saturday Night Fever.

Think lots of glitter and sparkle for decorating. There is no particular food associated with this theme, so food can be what the budget allows. Encourage everyone to dress up and award prizes for the best costumes. Include some Great Disco Music and Songs for Parties to get everyone up and dancing.

Company Party Ideas

Imagine everyone eating and drinking and having a great time. Suddenly, someone’s murdered. A Murder Mystery party can be loads of fun. Let invitations suggest some form of tool used for crime. A murder mystery usually consists of the sit-down dinner.

Have different company employees participate as players. Once the so-called murder is known, use some eerie background music to set the mood as everyone tries to figure out this whodunit theme idea.

Employees can throw their cares away with a Mardi Gras theme party. A balloon invitation matches this theme very well. Decorating colors should consist of purple, green and gold. Set up a colorful archway for people to walk through which will transcend them to New Orleans.

Hand out colorful beads and Mardi Gras party masks to each person as they arrive. The cuisine should be kept Cajun with bourbon-based drinks being a focal point. Jazz is the chosen music for this party theme. For added fun, higher a psychic to give readings during this corporate party.

There are so many fun themes for a corporate or company party. Be sure that invitations, entertainment, music and food, and beverages reflect the theme and be assured that everyone attending will have a great time.

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