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Digital Movie Making Tips: For Starters and Professionals Alike

Whether it is for a short film of your loved ones or a short film you are creating for your filmmaking course, digital movie making is here to stay and it’s not merely a trend. A neophyte trainee in filmmaking or a professional film producer must know what needs to be checked when you are filming. The following are basic tips that both types of filmmakers can use:


The development stage of digital film technology today has reached the point wherein no-knowledge individuals, about digital filmmaking, can come up with professional-looking videos and short films for both family and friends.. This is so because of the user-friendly equipment used. However, you should be able to pick one that suits all your needs and varying uses.

You must be aware that the digital video camcorders come in different formats. The MiniDVs would film on small tapes while those video cameras record on HDD or High Disk Drive. DVD camcorders on the other hand film videos straight on discs which you can view on your DVD player.

If you will be using it for family gatherings, the MiniDV is the more appropriate one as it can be handy and easy to operate. The other types of cameras also have their own advantages. Video cameras make it easy for you to share your work with others. This can be great for those who are studying filmmaking and needs to share their films to a group. An advantage of the DVD camcorder is the large storage which is good for those who produce long films or professional ones.

You must also have the video editing software but you need not worry as they come built-in with today’s desktop PCs and laptops. But, if you prefer to have a professional touch to your editing process and add motion graphics, visual effects and other assets, you may visit VFX Los Angeles and check their services.

Angles and Shoots

For you to shoot same as any professional, there are four aspects to consider: lighting and exposure, audio, stability, and editing. Digital video camcorders won’t function well in an environment with a wide lighting range. Always consider that the lighting must be uniform.

For stability, particularly for the small cams, always use a tripod when filming or a digital stabilizer when you have one. Bear in mind that a slight jolt o the cam can cause a huge damage on the entire scene.

Any camcorder contains basic audio devices in it. For you to have better sound quality, you can set a boom microphone on the audio input port and put it closer to your subjects when you are filming.

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