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Dubturbo: Urban Beat Production Software for Singers and Musicians

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Music production softwares are in high demand these days. Music is such a dynamic art form, that it has inspired and presently inspires a flurry of digital hardware and software studio resource devices and softwares.

Many programs that are available today, fit into the category, Digital Audio Workstations or DAWs, which originate from a technology that goes as far back as the 1980s.

These programs and devices have been the foundation behind many urban and contemporary productions and sound tracks that have been loved the world over.

The capabilities that these programs offer, get better and better with every newer publication. As a result, the thorough refinement of the features us begs a big spend for you to acquire an authentic version of any one of the top rated ones.

music production software


The Dubturbo software is a drastically cheaper alternative however. It is specifically a beat making program which is especially tailored for creating beats for: Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Reggae, House, Jungle and virtually any other known genre of music.

The program compatible with most operating systems, and has an easy-to-use user interface. It is also a practical consolation for the person who doesn’t possess the collateral acquire housing, top of the line equipments and staff needed to run a productive studio.

It gives you access to royalty-free beats, music demos and bass lines for your music and beat projects. It comprises many features and capabilities which are as follows:

Dubturbo Sequencer

  • 16 tracks of stereo booming sounds
  • Drag & copy your bars around
  • Listen through thousands of sounds and drums
  • Record live to the metronome , draw or tap in your beats
  • Edit volumes, go solo, mute, save, and edit tempo
  • Export  in different formats

Dubturbo Drum Machine

  • 10Padsper kit, 40+ kits
  • Draw in, or record your beats with triggers
  • Change your kit selection
  • Edit volume of each pad
  • Move sounds around, erase with ease
  • All drums have been mastered
  • Stereo imaging everywhere
  • Export just the drums or full tracks

Dubturbo 4 Octave Sampling Keyboard

  • Simply draw in melodies, play or record with keyboard
  • Change your instrument selection
  • Edit volume of each sample
  • Move sounds around or erase notes
  • 1000s of mastered and stereo-imaged sounds
  • Auto quantize your recording

This software package is also sold along with thorough and informative video tutorials which foster your effective understanding and use of the program and knowledge of sound production on a whole. You will also be able to access technical or full support via email.

This program in my opinion is a good choice to make in the event that you are a singer, producer or musician who doesn’t already own a studio. Although many similar and even higher rated sound production softwares are out there, the Dubturbo program is a good a back-up or supporting program to keep in your arsenal for your endeavours at musical production.

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