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Video Production Cost: Keep Corporate or Internet Video Cheap

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High video production costs – or the perceived costs – prevent many people from creating or commissioning the corporate or Internet video they need or desire. The truth is, to make a basic corporate or Internet video, the production costs can be quite inexpensive if one approaches the process with a solid plan.

Does Your Video Production Really Need the Herd of Wild Elephants?

Keeping video production costs down does not mean you are limited to one talking head in one location, but it is fair to note that if you want to make a reasonably priced production, you need to have reasonable concepts. Elaborate settings or exotic props of any type are not going to allow for a financially friendly shoot. While it is fun to watch Super Bowl commercials that incorporate herds of elephants or CGI space aliens, those features are not available to the average Joe on a budget.

Making your corporate or online video on a shoestring starts in the planning phases. Be reasonable. Jot down your ideas, and give each of them a dollar sign rating for what you believe the cost of getting everything needed into place would be. This will allow you to eliminate high concept ideas that may not actually play out any better than some of the lesser priced scenarios.

Be Creative with Dialogue and Expressions of Actors

There is no shortage of aspiring actors out there that will be more than reasonable with rates for their efforts. This is not to encourage anyone to take advantage of someone else, it is simply a case of stature in the business. If an actor or actress is a complete unknown, it is not taking advantage of him or her to offer a role for reasonable money. Besides, no one is twisting anyone’s arm to do the job.

It is quite possible you already know people who will be comfortable in front of the camera or maybe you are a bit of an extrovert. If the people onscreen are very expressionful, it opens up a great deal of opportunity for creating pieces that rely on acting and dialogue, and to give it an awesome touch you can add visual effects (to know more about it you can visit the Vfx Los Angeles website). 

I Can’t Shoot This Video Myself

When looking to hire someone to shoot your video, keep the same tips from above in mind. When outlining your concept to the videographer, point out your attention to frugal details. The shoot is going to be reasonably priced for them due to your planning, so make sure your quoted price reflects this. If a videographer is going to charge you the same amount as he or she does for projects with much higher end production requirements, move along to the next pro on the list.

Internet videos for simple YouTube silliness certainly don’t require the intervention of pros to get your crazy ideas or happenings on tape. Make sure you learn a little about capturing good, clear audio and shoot away.

For your corporate needs, whether they are commercials, training videos, interviews or anything of the sort, don’t be afraid to experiment in house. HD digital video equipment has become very reasonable, and a lot of money can be saved over time by having staff members learn to take some good moving pictures. If there are screw-ups, it’s no big deal, as digital video is also dirt cheap, regardless of the type of camera used to capture the piece.

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